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So I thought I would do a little #WomanCrushWednesday with a bit of a twist. These are my three #WCWs from the blogging world, each of them inspiring me whether it be through style, beauty tips, lifestyle tips or all of the above. So basically, thank you girls!

1. Copper Garden
I always find myself on Jess's blog looking at her latest outfits, beauty hauls and styling tips, but above everything for the sheer beauty of her blog! The images are always flawless and the blog has such a girly, chic feeling to it that I just get sucked in and end up browsing for hours! Those of you who haven't checked her out yet, definitely should!

2. Inspired By This
Anyone that loves just sitting on Pinterest will most definitely love Inspired By This. Run by 5 beautiful American ladies, the site is home to anything and everything DIY related; home decor, wedding inspiration, career advice- you name it and they have it! But seriously, this blog is like a live Pinterest so be warned; you could end up spending an extensive amount of time browsing and being inspired!

3. That Pommie Girl
This blog is definitely centered more around fashion, but there's nothing wrong with that when you have a wardrobe like Sarah's! I am forever gazing at her latest wardrobe updates and am always envious of her seemingly never-ending wardrobe. She also does great Pay Day Wishlists, which are always where I seem to spend most of my money (oops)! If you're having a wardrobe malfunction and are in need of some fashion advice, definitely check her out!

Short Dress Or Long Jumper?

I know this isn't an incredibly springy/summery post, but today has been a bit gloomy and cold so I thought I would dress for the occasion. This has been one of my most worn winter pieces this year and I have literally lived in it! It is such an easy dress to style and so cosy and comfortable! It is perfect for both lazy days and can be easily styled for a great night out look. I usually wear this with my chunky flat boots, but it would look equally as good with heels I am sure! 

I also really love the print, the colours are perfect for autumn and winter and they go with a lot of things I already have which is great! To be quite honest I don't know where I have been without this jumper dress, it will definitely be making an appearance again next winter!

 Dress: Topshop

P.S. how cute is this moon necklace from Charlotte Ann Jewellery?!
Hope you like!

Amsterdam Wish List

So, exciting news! I have just recently booked a trip to Amsterdam, which is somewhere I have wanted to go for ages so I am so very excited! There are so many things I was to do when we are there and I can't wait to get planning. And of course, as soon as it was booked I couldn't help but start planning outfits and making lists of things I need to get. This is a little holiday wish list of things I want to get before we go, so that I look fabulous when in Amsterdam!


These are all the little treats I want to get (realistically I will not get all of these because real life means I don't have all the money in the land). I definitely want to get a selfie stick though, and I know everyone slates them but I think they're a great idea, especially for holidays and trips, this one is only £16.00 too!

What are your holiday picks?

P.S. If anyone has any advice on what to do and where to go in Amsterdam, I would appreciate some information because I don't know a lot about the different areas!

A Floral Treat

I have wanted a pair of printed trousers forever and when I saw these on the Missguided website I was overjoyed because they were exactly what I had been looking for! However, when I opened them I was not as impressed, the colouring was slightly different to the pictures online and they were a little too long for me (boo hoo). But after having rolled them up slightly and gotten used to the fit and colour, I love them more than I did when I first saw them.

They aren't as lightweight as I imagined, but the fabric feels quite hard wearing which I always like, and the print is just what I was looking for. It isn't too over the top and is quite easy to wear as there aren't too many colours involved! Although they are my usual monochrome choice, I also love the bright pink used in them to make them a little more summery (I really need this in my wardrobe)!

Trousers: Missguided

Born Lippy

Seeing as I am on a big of a lippy binge at the moment, I thought it would be good to do a little post on the best car for your lips. Especially as it is coming up to summer and caring for your skin and lips is crucial in the hot weather! I'm not one of 'those people' who buy the most expensive products or know all the tricks of the trade to getting better lips and skin, I just find products I like and buy them again. A product I have been absolutely loving at the moment is Body Shop's Born Lippy range. Not only does every single flavor smell simply delicious, but they are also so good for your lips (and they taste good too)!

They are so moisturizing and although it looks like they are coloured, they actually just come out clear and make your lips look glossy which is a plus! I also tend to use these over the top of some of my dryer lipsticks to make them stay on longer (that's a life hack right there). Also, they are not petroleum based which is great in the summer, because products like Vaseline actually fry your lips more in the sun, I actually can't stress enough how much you shouldn't wear Vaseline in the sun!

Trust me ladies, I have tried every lip product under the sun, and these are by far my go-to at the moment. They smell great, are so good for your lips, and they aren't particularly expensive either!
Let me know what you think!

Top Five Lipsticks

My lipstick collection seems to be growing more and more all the time (I am such a lipstick hoarder)! Any brand, any colour, any type, I will give it a try, which has lead to me building up a rather large collection, many of which I never actually wear. So here are my top five lip colours from my collection.

1. MAC- Media
This was my first ever MAC lipstick, and oh how they are right about your first love being the best. I wear this baby all the time and I love the dark purple/maroon colour it gives. It's also great to get more than one colour from; you can do a light layer and get a pinky purple or go slightly heavier for a deeper purple/almost black! The only problem I have with this is that it is a satin finish, and I find it can dry my lips out a little and I have to be careful the colour doesn't crack on my lips. But overall, a great lippy!

2. Clinique- 14 Curvy Candy
I love this lipstick (it's more of a lip colour actually). It is so moisturizing and light to wear and it gives a really subtle pink tone to your lips, so it's perfect for casual wear. It also lasts a really long time!

3. Dior- 769 Addict
Although I don't actually wear this very often, it is definitely one of my favorites. It gives such a bright and vibrant pink and is perfect for evening wear. It is also so moisturizing and it lasts forever as it literally never dries up!
Blurriest Picture Award Goes To...

4. MAC- Rebel
This is a lippy you will probably have seen in a few of my posts as I wear it so often. It is very similar to Media (1), however it is slightly lighter and much more purple. Even though this one is also a satin finish, it doesn't dry my lips as much, however I do have reapply it quite often, but it is still one of my faves for the colour.

5. YSL- 56
You may remember this one from a previous post of mine. I think every girl should have a red lipstick, it is definitely a necessity! And this one is my 'one'. It isn't the deepest of reds which I like because I feel like I can wear it with more, but it is really shiny and you can definitely tell the quality is good from the way it stays on for hours. It is so smooth and soft, I actually can't recommend it enough! I would definitely like to get a lip liner to go with it though, just to make it a little more vivid.

What are your favorite lipsticks?

Fashion Interning Tips

I'm coming to the end of my second fashion marketing internship and having been interning for around 7-8 months, I feel like I have learnt a lot about both the industry and interning in general. I can tell you now there are three things you will gain from being a fashion intern: priceless experience; industry knowledge you can't get from sitting in lectures; and most probably dark circles under your eyes. But it's something that everyone will have to do at some point, as it seems no one will hire anyone unless they have 100 years work experience. Here are ten tips to surviving a fashion internship, or any internship for that matter.

  1. Never think you are above doing any kind of job, if clothes need hanging, hang them- it shows your determination and willingness to help (as long as this is not all you are doing).
  2. Take every opportunity you are offered, you don't know when the next one will come along and you will most probably learn something really worthwhile.
  3. It's okay to change your mind on career choice- one of the main positives of interning is to see if you actually like the job you THINK you want to do. So if you don't like it, try another.
  4. Soak up every piece of information, and ask questions whenever you can to make the most of your time with the people who's job you want. Ask how they got there, what experience they have had and what qualities are important to be successful.
  5. Set yourself goals, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to get from the internship and what skills you want to learn.
  6. Take everything seriously, you might not be classed as staff, but if you are late, lazy or unmotivated, it's only going to show your supervisor that you aren't bothered about becoming a member of staff in the future.
  7. Introduce yourself to everyone, make yourself known (in a good way) and that way they will remember you and consider you for future positions.
  8. Stay motivated, being unpaid can really take its tole on your motivation, but try your best to not let it, the experience you are gaining is priceless.
  9. Ask for feedback- asking for feedback is a great way of making sure you are developing the desirable skills. And then working on your weak points will only make you more employable for the future.
  10. Keep in contact- when you have finished keep in contact with the people you worked with so when the time comes for them to fill a position, you will be remembered and considered. 
I am not by any means calling myself an expert, but I know I wanted advice while I was in the first few weeks of my first internship so I hope this helps some of you! Interning has been on of the best decisions I have made, so if you have the chance I would say definitely do it!

Florals For Spring? Groundbreaking...

Seeing as the weather is getting better and better every day, I thought I would dress for the occasion and start routing through my summer wardrobe. When I did, I found this little beauty which I had completely forgotten about (its my favorite when that happens)! My beloved floral blazer, an essential for every summer wardrobe, I believe. This one I got from BooHoo last summer, unfortunately they don't sell it anymore, but I will link a similar one below.

Blazer (ABOVE WAS UNAVAILABLE): Missguided, £12.00
Top: BooHoo, £6.00
Jeans: New Look £14.99 
Sandals: Primark, £8.00

I have put it with a simple which cami top, and the lightest jeans I could find. I'm not a huge fan of these, they don't fit amazingly and the colour doesn't seem quite right, but they will have to do until I get some more on my next shopping trip.
This is definitely one of my summer essentials, although it is a bit of a statement piece, because the rest of my wardrobe is so minimal it goes with almost everything I have! The perfect way to brighten up a summer outfit.

All Black Everythang

This is just a little outfit I am a bit obsessed with at the moment; its minimal and black so obviously my favorite. I am positive I have blogged about both of these pieces separately, however now they seem to be having  little love affair I thought I'd share them again. The jeans and the top actually fit perfectly together as the top starts where the jeans begin, allowing them to fit together without me having to tuck anything in (short girl problems). And I have just put them with my usual jewellery.

Please excuse the pout

Jeans: Topshop, £38.00
Top: Topshop, £10.00

Until next time...

Dem Brows

Now that I seem to have found the three perfect eyebrow products (for me anyway) I thought I'd share my little routine with you and maybe enlighten you to some new products. Eyebrows seem to have become increasingly important to me, to the point that I can't go anywhere without them (literally, I have minimal hair on my brows), if I leave the house without drawing them on I look like a potato (not cool). So here we go...

So I have found that a combination of the three above products are ideal for me (as you can tell they are all very much loved products). I firstly use the lighter brown pencil (the one with the brush) and brush out my eye brows and then outline them in this, using it mainly on the parts of my brow that actually hair hair. The I fill in the rest with the darker pencil making sure it all blends in to be the same colour. I then usually neaten up the under part of my eyebrows with a touch up of foundation, and then use the medium brown colour in the palette (bottom left) with an angle brush and just make the outline a bit sharper. 

As you can see there is a small difference in colour between the two pencils (the lighter one being the one with the brush), this allowing me to colour the parts of my brown with no hair a little darker.

Light Pencil: Rimmel, £2.99 in Hazel 2
Dark Pencil:Collection, £2.79 in Brown 2
Palette: £3.99, High Brow Kit

All the products I have used are available in Superdrug and are all very cheap which is a massive bonus (see details above). And remember girls; Don't let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you sh*t about life.


Hello world! What is that I see? A pink dress? Never! Yes, that is right folks, I ventured into the world of pink a few months back (I was actually meant to blog this some time ago)! And I actually rather liked it, I felt like such a lady wearing a pretty pink dress. This little number is from Missguided, and I am usually a little dubious about the length of their dresses (they're always a little too short for me), but this one came out just right (unless I lift up my arms) so I was ever so pleased.

I am really into mesh detailing at the minute, especially on minimal pieces like this. I have been a little hesitant to try it though because I never understood how such a light fabric could go well with a heavy one. But this dress has blown my fears away because the mesh was just fine!

I also paired this with a really simple white envelope clutch, which I believe is from Ebay. It was like £5 and the buckle isn't very secure but it goes with pretty much everything and I love a minimal bag so I won't complain. I also wore it with some little white strappy heals from New Look, but they don't actually sell them anymore so I will link some similar below.

Dress: Missguided, £30.00
Shoes: New Look £34.99

Hope you like!

Yet Another Monochrome Outfit

Yes, I know my monochrome obsession is getting out of hand! But I was just so excited when this little outfit was delivered this morning I had to share it with you all! I went of a bit of  Topshop spree and these are a couple of the pieces I bought. I am so happy with both of them and I think they look great styled together and separately. This outfit is also perfect for the current between-season weather as it can be worn with or without tights- perfect!

I put this outfit together with my usual jewellery, as well as some earrings I bought from Charlotte Ann Jewellery. I love them and will definitely be purchasing some more from there soon as I think all the designs are gorgeous and it is all also extremely purse friendly!

Top: Topshop, £10.00
Shorts: Topshop, £20.00
Earrings: Charlotte Ann Jewellery, £2.50

The shorts are almost a perfect fit, they could do with being slightly smaller around the waist, but its nothing that I would change them over. I love how light and silky they are, it makes them so comfortable and perfect for spring/summer. The top is pretty much a perfect fit too! I have wanted a high necked top for ages and I think this one will be a great staple piece for spring (even though it is black). So, overall I am a very happy blogger, thanks to Topshop and Charlotte Ann!

Missguided Active

After having consumed a ludicrous amount of calories over the Easter weekend, I am feeling a bit body shameful and in need of some exercise and a detox! There's just one thing I find depressing about getting active and burning some calories and that is sports wear. I loath sportswear. Its boring, unflattering and depresses my deeply. However, the Missguided Active range has really caught my eye recently and given me hope that there might actually be a way to look good while you get active. Although some of the range is a little inappropriate and possibly not so sport friendly, there are a few items that would definitely motivate me into burning the calories I have most definitely put on over the weekend. Also, the collection is particularly purse friendly, something I always love about Missguided!


1. Active Racer Back Contrast Sports Bra Monochrome: £9.00
2. Active Slogan Gym Hoodie Drop Armhole Black: £18.00
3. Active Contrast Print Panel Gym Leggings Blue: £15.00
4. Active Double Layer Gym Shorts Mint: £14.00
5. Active Palm Print Trainers: £20.00
6. Active Contrast Stitch Gym T-Shirt Min: £12.00

As you all know, I am a bit of a monochrome freak, but I love how Missguided has injected flashed of colour into each item. This is my little selection of Things To Buy, and as you can see I have tried to stick with the mint/blue colour scheme to stay a bit neutral. 

What are your favorite active-wear brands?

Boxy Top

This is just a little number I picked up when I was in Reading a few weeks ago, and it was actually a massive impulse buy. I was walking around in my cape and it was about 100 degrees so I had to buy something cooler! (Any excuse for new clothes). I just went into a shop I had never heard of a picked up the first thing I saw, I was so very flustered with the heat, I must have looked like a mad woman! I actually ended up quite liking it though, even tough it is not something I would usually pick up, so bonus! 

I am a massive fan of galaxy print at the moment, so I love the collar and sleeve detail, it makes a bit of a change to my solid monochrome wardrobe. I also really like the zip detail at the back as it breaks up the black a bit.

So the moral of the story is, always wear clothes too warm for the weather, and then you 'have' to buy more! Until next time...

Amy Valentine Inspired Dot Nails

So recently I have been massively fan-fangirling Amy Valentine and her style, and this nail look really caught my eye in one of her latest videos. Its so simple but looks really effective so is perfect for all the lazy girls out there who want pretty nails without the effort!

Things You Will Need:
Nude Nail Polish- I am using Barry M's Gelly polish in Lychee
Black (or any dark) Nail Polish- I am using Barry M's Matte Black
A Kirby Grip
Clear Top Coat- I am using Champney's Clear Base and Top Coat

Without stating the obvious, begin with clean nails, and put a base coat on if you so wish (I didn't because the colour I am using is so light). Then add two coats of your chosen nude/light colour. I am not actually a huge fan of this Gelly nail polish, I find it too thick for my short nails and it makes them look even more stumpy. So I added a little drop of nail polish remover to make it slightly thinner (that's a life hack right there).

Then get your kirby grip (or bobby pin, whichever you call it) and dip it into the black polish and then simply dip it onto the middle of your nail bed to leave a little dot. Try not to get too much polish on there otherwise the dots end up getting bigger and bigger! Also, if you are using the same black nail polish as me, make sure you give the kirby grip a wipe every now and then because the Matte paint dried really quickly and gets a bit clumpy.

Then just add your base coat to make them nice and shiny and you're all done! Easy!

Hope you like!

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