Amsterdam Wish List

So, exciting news! I have just recently booked a trip to Amsterdam, which is somewhere I have wanted to go for ages so I am so very excited! There are so many things I was to do when we are there and I can't wait to get planning. And of course, as soon as it was booked I couldn't help but start planning outfits and making lists of things I need to get. This is a little holiday wish list of things I want to get before we go, so that I look fabulous when in Amsterdam!


These are all the little treats I want to get (realistically I will not get all of these because real life means I don't have all the money in the land). I definitely want to get a selfie stick though, and I know everyone slates them but I think they're a great idea, especially for holidays and trips, this one is only £16.00 too!

What are your holiday picks?

P.S. If anyone has any advice on what to do and where to go in Amsterdam, I would appreciate some information because I don't know a lot about the different areas!


  1. I love all those picks - the ticket holder and sunnies are too cute. Have fun in Amsterdam!! ❤


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