Skinny Dip Lovin'

One of my fabulous and very sassy friends recently introduced me to my new favourite brand Skinny Dip. Quite honestly, I don't know how I haven't heard of them before, but my god I will make up for lost time by buying everything I can! Novelty bags and accessories have been on my radar for a while and these are some of the best I have seen! Skinny Dip have such a great selection of products that make for a perfect gift or even a treat for yourself. The prices aren't too high and you really will be getting something fabulous for your money. This is my wishlist of Skinny Dip products:

I absolutely love each and every one of these products. Obviously the sea shell bag is my favourite however you can only pre-order this at the moment. I also really love the mermaid martini phone case, it's so different and definitely apt for me! I honestly think Skinny Dip has something for everyone with their products ranging from stickers and earphones to bags and technology accessories. If you haven't checked them out yet, you most definitely should. I have linked all these pieces below!

Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

Having curly hair means the perfect shampoo and conditioner is essential for me to not look like Chewbacca. This can often be really expensive and I feel like this is a problem for a lot of us ladies! I have recently been visiting the local Aldi store for my hair products though as you really can't beat the price, and I feel like I may have struck gold with this product. If you love Aussie hair products you will definitely love the Moisture shampoo and conditioner by Carino!

Firstly I'll talk about the packaging and how it is extremely similar to Aussie shampoo and conditioner, the colours, bottle itself and even the font used on the bottle! But more importantly than the packaging- the smell! It smells just as amazing as Aussie shampoo which is one of the reasons I love it so much. I honestly can not tell you how similar it smells, you would have to try it to believe it! 

And finally, how it actually makes my hair feel. It really does keep my hair so moisturized which is a bit of a miracle seeing as curly hair does have a tenancy to be very dry. The conditioner really works wonders on dry and split ends. 

I really can't believe you can get all of this for £1.99 a bottle! So so cheap compared to other well known brands, you really can't go wrong! Let me know what you think...

Dust Yourself Off

So I have wanted a duster jacket for a while, however have been struggling to find one that isn't too long and makes me look like I'm wearing my mum's clothes (short gal problems). I think they look so sophisticated and can look great dressed up or down. So when I found this one in New Look while holiday shopping I was thrilled! It is really simple with a thick navy pinstripe which I thought would work well for both summer and winter. It fits like a dream and goes really well with a pair of blue jeans (I have been struggling to find things to wear with these recently).

I put these with a really simple short sleeved t-shirt, although I will definitely be looking to get a longer sleeved one for the winter months; and a pair of strappy boots. I also think it would go well with flat shoes and black jeans, although that is a little dark for summer. I really love this look as it is so easy to wear and really on trend at the moment. I am also a massive stripe fan so this fits me perfectly!

Duster Jacket: New Look
Jeans: New Look
Boots: New Look

Guess Who's Back...

Hello friends! I can not believe it has been TWO WEEKS since I last blogged. I am actually feeling very guilty about this, however I do have the excuses of a holiday (yay) and the flu (not so yay), which have both been keeping me from my little internet space. But I had a fabulous time on holiday in Amsterdam and I thought I would share a few of the (best) piccys I took while I was away. It is such a surreal and amazing place and I would 110% advise anyone to go because I really don't think there is another place like it!

Firstly, the buildings/architecture and the city itself are unreal! Everything is so tall and thin it looks like a toy town and nothing like we have here in England. All the buildings are so old and a lot of them actually lean to the side which looks a little trippy but also really cool. Everything is also based around rivers and the dam which makes it all look so pretty and makes for some great photos!

We did all the main touristy stuff i.e. Madame Tussauds, The Zoo, The Dungeon (which was excellent) and of course the Ice Bar, which personally was my favourite part of the holiday. We also looked around all the shops, some of which were amazing, and there was so many nice makeup shops I could have spent an absolute fortune (see posts to come)!

Me & My Little Friend

And Of Course There Was Cocktails
Overall we all really had an amazing time and I would definitely go again. There are so many amazing things to see and do there it would be impossible to do it all on one trip! I really have a huge bug for city breaks now and am looking to go on more, any suggestions would be much appreciated...

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