Holiday Essentials

As most of you may know (because I haven't stopped going on about it) I am off on holiday to Amsterdam on Friday! Yay! In aid of this, I thought I would do a little holiday essentials guide, as I am sure many of you will also be off on your holibobs soon! This is just a short selection of things that I always make sure to take with me.

Passport- I know this is such an obvious one, because you really wont get far without it, but I thought I would include it because it's surprising how easy it is to forget something like this when you're trying to remember what makeup, clothes, shoes and various other bits to pack!
Shoulder Bag- I always try to take a small shoulder bag with me. I find that if I take my big bag I end up filling it with crap I don't need and end up lugging it around all day, or I get fed up of holding it. Something like this is perfect because you don't have to hold it, and its so small you can't fill it with unnecessary things. Perfect! 
Camera- I always take a camera to remember holiday moments! I usually end up using my phone, but there's nothing more annoying than 'Unable to take picture, memory full', so I always take my 
camera just in case.
Moisturizer-  Moisturizer is one of those things you forget how much you need until you don't have any! And when your skin has been in the sun/sea/pool all day, there is nothing like slathering on some moisturizer!
Selfie Stick- I am definitely going to be taking this on holiday with me, it's so good for taking group pictures and means I won't have to stop any random weirdos in the street to take a picture for me. Bonus!

What are your holiday essentials?

All White Everythang

Hello friends, I am back! I do apologize, I never intended to neglect my blog for this long, but like has been so hectic lately with my last week of my internship coming up (I can't believe how quick it's gone) as well as my holiday!

I am loving all white outfits at the moment, they look great with a tan and are so on trend at the minute! So I dug out my favourite white outfit to play in the summer sun (no pun intended). I actually got this when I was on holiday in Gran Canaria last year, from one of those strange shop/stalls you get in hot countries. I had been looking for something, anything to wear for dinner that night and then, to my joy I came across this! I really love this playsuit, its quite different from anything I have seen before and its perfect for summer! It's made of a similar material to swim suits, which sounds a bit strange but its so comfortable!

But my favourite part about this is definitely the lace cutouts and back. It really gives it an edge and like I said, I haven't seen anything else like this before. It also fits like a dream so I will definitely be getting more wear out of it this summer! Unfortunately, as I got it on holiday I can't link it to a website, but let me know if you see anything similar, I'd love to know where I can get more!

Until next time!

Getting Floral with Topshop

This is something that yet again I bought a little while back and have been waiting for the weather to get a little nicer for me to be able to wear it. I'm so glad I can finally start wearing summer clothes a bit more now! This is just a cute little play suit from Topshop; I am so pleased with the fit and I absolutely love the colours on it, I can imagine they will really pop with a tan (hopefully one day I will have one, haha)! The fabric is also ideal for the summer, its a kind of thin crepe material which I really love because I think it makes things feel much better quality!

Play Suit: Topshop
Sandals: Newlook

Like I said before, I really love this print, its kind of a bleeding floral effect which looks so nice and summery, but I also think it would look really nice in autumn time because of the colours. I have paired this with some really simple white platform sandals, Although, I do think it would look better with black ones (oops, I might have to buy some)! This would be perfect for beach wear as it is so easy to just pull on and off and you don't have to put many accessories with it at all! Let me know what you think!

Tanning Tips With Baby B Browne

It's coming to the time of year now, where my gradual tanning lotion just doesn't cut it anymore. With the sun coming out and the summer months getting hotter I want to be able to wear shorts and skirts without looking like a pale zombie. Which is why I decided to take matters into my own hands and get a new fake tan! Baby B Browne tanning products have been something I have wanted to try for a while. The Irish brand is well known for their tanning products and so I thought it would be rude not to give them a try! I decided to go for the 250ml Self Tanning Lotion.

I was really impressed by the size of the bottle as it is a bit bigger than other brands I have seen in shops, and if tanning is something you do quite often, like me, then bigger bottles usually mean you get more for your money! Also, if you tan often you will know what I mean when I say you end up smell a bit like biscuits most of the time (not cool), but this tan smells like vanilla and is so refreshing against other tans I have used! 

When I first put the tan onto the mitt I was a little apprehensive about the colour (it looks super dark) but actually, it goes on really nicely and actually made my skin look brown instead of orange, which is always a bonus! The only criticism I have is that I didn't get on with the mitt that came with the tan. Although it feels really lovely and soft, I just found it didn't rub the tan in as well as with a foam mitt, but that really is the only criticism I have because I really am so pleased with the product! Having been wearing it for a few days now, I can honestly say it has faded so evenly and hasn't gone streaky or patchy at all!

Here are my tanning tips to make sure my fake tan lasts as long as it has with Baby B Browne:
1. Hair removal should be done no less that 24 hours before tanning
2. Shower no less than half an hour before tanning 
3. Tie your hair, especially with dyed or blonde hair. It is not cool to have brown stains. 
4. EXFOLIATE- this is the most important one. I always make sure to exfoliate before I tan, and then daily in the shower on the elbows, knees, ankles and wrist areas. This will ensure your tan fades evenly. Seriously, no matter how good a fake tan you use, if you don't exfoliate you will look patchy. 

Self Tanning Lotion: Baby B Browne

Overall, I really can't recommend this product enough, and at just £14,95 you really can't go wrong! Let me know what you think!

MAXImum Comfort

This is a piece I have been wanting to wear for ages, but the weather hasn't been quite right. Now, finally it has got warmer, hallelujah! I absolutely love wearing maxi skirts like this, they are so so comfy and easy to pull off with hardly any accessories. I bought this one last year (from Primark would you believe it) and didn't get much wear out of it. However, I know this summer I will definitely be wearing it more often. It is a little long for me so does drag slightly, but that's to be expected when you're struggling for 5ft 4'.

I teamed it with these ankle detail sandals, also from Primark and yes, that is a necklace I am wearing around my waist. I thought I definitely needed something around the waist to break up the colour a little and this long necklace seemed to do the trick so Bob's your uncle! I also think this would look great with some stacked jewellery and of course a better tan than what I seem to have! I would link these items but being from Primark they don't have a website (boo)!! Let me know what you think!

Head In The Clouds

So this is something I found lurking in my wardrobe from last summer and I had completely forgot how much I love it! It's a really simple play suit from Boohoo and is absolutely perfect for summer! I really love the fit, it is so comfy and easy to wear, you can literally just pull it on and you're done! No fannying around with zips and ties!

Hi white legs
I am also a massive fan of the print, its s sort of cloud effect print that reminds me of summer sunsets when the clouds go all different colours, which is just wonderful. I have paired this with some really simple platform sandals and my favorite moon necklace which ties in with the sky theme. I will definitely be getting a lot more wear out of this this summer! Unfortunately, this play suit isn't available anymore, however I know Boohoo does have some great ones still on there.

Play Suit: Boohoo
Shoes: New Look

My Space

Now that I have been blogging for a while and have finally sorted out my office space at home, I though I would share some pictures with you, so you all have a better idea of how and where I work. I have recently bought a few things as I went a bit decor crazy, but I am rather pleased with the way my office space is looking at the moment. It is much more organised than what it was and I find that I actually enjoy blogging a lot more now that I have a cute working space. I tried to go for the 'minimal/shabby chic look', but it is kind of ruined by small things like the hideous princess sticker on my light switch (not cool).

Organizer: The Range
Glass: Matalan

I recently bought the patterned glass and desk organizer which I will link below. I love the little message on the organizer, I think it is perfect to calm me down for when I will probably be tearing my hair out in my last year of uni (fun, fun, fun). And they were both such bargains (links above).
How does your work space look?

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