An Esprit Summer

Living near the sea is something I absolutely love and a joy that I will never take for granted! As summer is fast approaching us, I have started getting excited about long, lazy days on the beach, followed by a cocktail (or a few) in one of my favorite bars on the seafront. Something I am also looking forward to is the summer clothes and being free from all the stuffy knits and layers of winter. But, I have always had trouble with putting an outfit together that is suitable to wear at the beach comfortably, and transfer into a slightly more glamorous look for when everyone begins to move into the bars and clubs in the evening. These are just a few pieces I have picked up from Esprit (link below), which I think solves my problem completely.

There are so many things about this outfit that I love. Firstly, the monochrome colour theme, I feel like many of you will know by now that I am a black-and-white kinda gal, even in the summer. The red bag adds a flash of colour which I also love, and I would most likely pair this with my favorite red lipstick! The silver sandals and necklace are absolutely perfect for adding a more 'dressed-up' edge too!
The bikini is also one of my favorite parts. The great thing about Esprit bikinis is that you can mix and match tops and bottoms, which is perfect for me, because I am hugely out of proportion. I also love that this can be haler-neck or strapless, depending on the way you tie it (I have a huge fear of tan lines).
I am massively into cat eye sunglasses at the moment and have wanted a pair for ages, they give a glam edge to an outfit, which makes them just fabulous paired with the silver sandals and necklace!

What are your favorite summer picks?

March Favorites

I don't know about you, but I think March seems to have gone insanely quick! I can not believe we will be in April in a couple of days and Easter will be along soon (I always think spring officially starts after Easter). Here are a few of my favorite finds/purchases/revelations of March, going into April.

Cocoa Butter- This is something I have been obsessed with for a while now, but this month it has come in super handy as I seem to be suffering from dry skin. This is by far the most deeply moisturizing product I have found, and it smells delicious (enough to eat)!
Camera- After all of these months of taking my blog pictures on my phone, I have finally bought a lead for my camera, so be expecting some much better quality pictures (yay for everyone). This camera is actually perfect for me as it is waterproof and shock proof. I have been known to drop a camera or two in water.
iPad Case- I treated myself to this little delight this month, it matches my purse perfectly and now I am not so scared to take my iPad out with me.
Hairspray- This may seem a bit of a strange one because it is such a basic item, but I use a lot of hairspray! This one is the only one I have ever found that actually smells nice and not like full on chemicals.
Nail Polish- This is just a Bourjois nail colour (Beige Glamour), it's a really simple, nude colour but you can still tell someone has still made an effort with their nails when wearing it, which is something I think is hard to find. I am also really into earthy, nude tones for nails at the moment.
Lipstick- As spring is officially here (after Easter) I thought it was time to start getting out the lighter lipsticks. I have been wearing this one more and more recently and it is definitely one of my favorites! It's a MAC Amplified, shade Chatterbox. It's so nice and moisturizing and the perfect colour for spring! Let me know if you would like swatches!

What are your favorites this month?

Baby Bags

If anything is catching my eye at the moment, it's mini satchel bags! The are just the cutest things, and I can't help myself but go 'AWWWWW' every time I see one (much to my boyfriend's distaste). I actually think they are cuter than puppies. They are so perfect for spring/summer too, I never like to carry around a huge bag in the summer. And they come in so many different colours which is also perfect for spring. Here are my favourite picks of the little baby satchels.

1. River Island: Black Textured Mini Satchel
4. Topshop: Mini Lemon Satchel
6. Accessorize: Mini Pink Satchel Bag

Heads Shoulders Knees & Toes

Even though it is only my knees and shoulders, the title was too relevant to not use! This is an outfit I purchased in a recent Topshop spree featuring a cold-shoulder top and the ripped jeans from my previous post. I have been wanting some ripped black jeans for ages now, and have tried putting off buying them from Topshop as jeans are quite pricey there, but they always fit like a dream. So in the end I gave in and treated myself, and I am bloody glad I did.The top was a little impulse buy as I thought I might as well buy a whole outfit (excuses for more clothes). It has such an easy fit and will go with pretty much anything, which I love and couldn't resist.
grey cold shoulder top and ripped black jeans

grey cold shoulder top and ripped black jeans from behind

close up of grey cold shoulder top and ripped black jeans

ribbed black jeans and chunky boots from above

Jeans: Topshop
Top: Topshop

Hope you like.

The Great EsCape

I know it is coming towards the end of the cold weather now (and I am so glad) as spring comes in. But I don't feel like I am ready to give up wearing my beloved cape, which has taken me through the thick and thin of this winter. It is perfect for the lazy girls out there, you can get away with wearing pretty much anything underneath it. I much prefer wearing this to a coat, and I will absolutely be buying more for next winter.

Cape: Topshop

Believe me, it is just as warm as it looks! And the beauty of it that you can also wear a lighter weight/short sleeve top underneath, which suites it a little more as the weather gets warmer. ALSO, these bad boys double up as a delightful blanket so you can take naps where every you like (this definitely suits me).

P.S. Sorry Madonna

What's In My Bag?

So I have noticed a lot of bloggers doing this type of post, and I thought I would join the bandwagon and do one myself. I feel like you can tell what girl is like by looking at the contents of her handbag, so hopefully you will all know me a bit better by the end of this!

So this is my bag which is like my baby, I am rarely without it and I love love love it! I normally buy a new bag every couple of months, but this one has stuck around for quite a while and I intent to use it for a long long time!

So as you can see, I don't keep an awful lot in there compared to some girls who seem to have everything including the kitchen sink in theirs. Having loads of stuff in by bag kind of freaks my out a little bit because I never want it to get messy (sad I know, but remember, the bag is my baby).

Ted Baker Purse My other baby, if anyone were to steal it I would be more upset about the actual purse because I literally can put money on the fact that there is not money in it (help me I'm poor).
iPad This is something I take everywhere with me. It has books, pictures, music, and all the wonderful things that entertain me daily. 
Hand Food No bag is complete without hand cream. That is something I firmly believe.
Shopping Bag Now I know what you're all thinking. Fold away shopping bags are for old bints. But like I said before, it freaks me out having too much stuff in my bag, so I have a fold away one just in case. Don't knock it until you try it!
Glasses I am literally as blind as a bat, but I hardly ever where these. It's actually so bad, I can't even describe the trouble my squinting at people has gotten me into.

Mirror & Vaseline Again, no lady's bag is complete without.
Pug Nail Kit I am ALWAYS in need of a nail file, so my little pug face comes with me wherever I go.
Diary How pretty is it?! I hardly ever even write in this, its just for show really.
Mini Torch You never know when you may need one of these!
FCUK Brush You may remember this from one of my previous posts, I always keep it with me, because no matter what colour lipstick I am wearing, it's always perfect for lining my lips.
Pen & Stylus Literally Never used
Umbrella If any of you girls have curly hair, you will understand that it is my worst nightmare to be caught in the rain without one. Seriously. I look like a young Tracy Beaker in the rain. 
Smelly Bag You can't really see this, its in the top right hand corner. It's just something I keep in there to make my bag smell like loveliness (again, you're probably thinking these are for old biddies).

Well, I hope you have all enjoyed this pointless little post, and have maybe even learned a little more about me. Until next time...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This is just a little short post dedicated to the wonderful St. Patrick's day, and a little inspiration on how to wear green for any evening antics you may have planned!

It's just a really simple but cute outfit that isn't too in your face, but still supports what I am sure is one of the biggest nights of the year in some places.

Have a lucky day!

Put On Some Red Lipstick And Live A Little

Hello ladies! Today, I shall enlighten you into my absolute favorite red lippy ever, it is Yves Saint Laurent (of course) number 56 and it is wonderful! It goes on so nicely and doesn't dry out my lips like other lipsticks do. Its also lasts a really long time, which is perfect because I can't think of anything worse than having to keep re-applying lipstick all day/night!

I also really love the embossed YSL logo its so cute (and it makes me feel all designer and posh). To apple the lipstick, I usually line my lips by just dabbing my little lip brush (above) on the stick. This make it much easier to apply and also makes your lips look neater in the end. 
The only thing I would say about this lipstick, is that if you usually overdraw your lips, it may not be for you, simply because it has a slight shine, which means the actual line of your lip will show through when it catches the light.

Ta daaaaah! Hope you like! And remember ladies; 'do your squats, eat your vegetables, wear red lipstick and don't let boys be mean to you'!

Top Three Skin Care Products

Sunday is the day I try my best to look after my skin, and give it a rest from the torture of makeup. I just thought I would share my top three products for fresh skin, which I use every day (especially on Sundays).

I know a lot of people suggest using the same brand for all skin product, and I have tried that for all three of these brands and it has never worked for me, but everyone's skin is different.

Garnier Scrub: I love this scrub! I find with a lot of exfoliating washes, that the beads are too big and I either end up with them in my eye or impossible to wash off! But this is a really fine scrub which is so gentle. The only thing I would say is that it doesn't taste too good (but then you're not meant to eat it so all is good)!

Simple Moisturizer: Now, moisturizer is something that's very difficult for me to find because unfortunately, I suffer is very oily skin. Many moisturizers only add to this. But this one is perfect, it leaves skin feel fresh instead of greasy (always a bonus)!

Body Shop Toner: This is by far, one of my favourite beauty products! My skin is always left feeling so crisp and clean and it doesn't dry it out at all! I only use this at night after taking my makeup off and it really leaves your face feeling so clean, it's great!!

What are your favorite skin products?

Mothers Day Gift Guide

When I say I know how hard it is to buy for Mums, trust me I KNOW. My mum is one of the most difficult people to buy for and with Mothers Day just around the corner I have started to panic, as I'm sure, many of you have! Hopefully this post will give you a little nudge in the right direction.

1. Blooming Marvelous Gift Set: Lush includes: 'yummy mummy' shower gel, 'honey I washed the kids' soap, 'the comforter' bubble bath, 1 black berry bath bomb, 'vanilla dee-light' body lotion, and 'yummy mummy' body conditioner.
2. Yankee Jelly Beans Candle: Yankee Candles
3. First My Mother Charm: Pandora
4. Spotty Pajamas: John Lewis
5. Soap & Glory Gift Set: Soap & Glory includes clean on me, scrub of your life, the righteous butter, heel genius, and hand foot
6. Makeup Bag & Compact: Cath Kidston


This is just a short little post (for a short little skirt) to share my digital print appreciation. As some of you may know, I have a bit of a weakness when it comes to black and monochrome clothes; the majority of my wardrobe is either black, white, grey or all of the above. So you can only imagine my excitement when I came across a skirt in my fave colours AND in one of my favorite prints at the moment. 

I love how the skirt combines the digital print with floral elements, I could look at it forever and still find things I hadn't seen before. I also really like the slit detail at the front, I don't have a lot of shape around my hips so it kind of gives the illusion that I have curves (Kimmy K eat your heart out hun).

I put the outfit with one of my best MAC lippies, Rebel and of course my usual jewellery.

Skirt: Boohoo
Lipstick: MAC

KIKO Heaven

So this weekend I ventured out of the the quiet depths of Weymouth and went to Reading for a wee bit of retail therapy (my favorite)! On my travels I came across a store that I regret not finding before the ripe old age of 21. KIKO make up is every beauty blogger's dream. I am telling you. Low prices and beautiful products are what you get, its the broke girls pass to make-up and cosmetics heaven!

Unfortunately, I did not get to take full advantage of this, who knew that boyfriends didn't like browsing makeup shops for hours, ey? However, I did manage to get my hands on a fabulous nail polish called 'cup cake'.

As you can see, it does give the effect of the top of a cupcake with sprinkles on, which is just delightful! I only have one regret and that's that I didn't buy more from makeup paradise. But watch this space, for there will definitely be a haul on the cards soon dear readers! 

A Day For Ladies

Happy International Women's Day to all you lovely ladies! Just a quick post to share my lady inspiration; Sophia Amoruso, creator of Nasty Gal, savior of vintage and general heroine. She is just fabulous, having built such a massive brand on the basis of social media and an eye for style, and because of this I am OBSESSED with her. If you haven't read her book #GIRLBOSS, then I can not recommend it enough, it is funny, inspiring, quirky and definitely a good read!

"I have three pieces of advice that I want you to remember: Don't ever grow up. Don't become a bore. Don't ever let the man get to you"- Sophia Amoruso.

Who are your women inspirations this Woman's Day?

White For A Festival?

As much as I would like to, I really can't say I am a festival person. I'm more of a hot-showers-and-clean-hair kind of gal. But I do love the festival fashion and if I ever did go, I would go all out. With festival season creeping up on us, here is a little festival fashion inspo!

As you can tell, I love a white outfit (probably one of the reasons I am not a festival girl)! I also love anything Beyonce related, hens the 'I Woke Up Like This' tee. And the shoes... I have no words.

Glasses: MYKITA
Shorts: Pixie Market
Necklaces: H&M
Head Band: Beauxoxo

I know it may not be the ideal festival outfit in terms of practicality, but wouldn't this look just fabulous?!

There Are No Women Who Do Not Like Perfume

I truly believe that no outfit is complete without a touch of perfume. Perfumes are something I have always loved because of the way it makes you remember the person wearing it and as Christian Dior said 'A woman's perfume tells you more about her than her handwriting'. I wonder what my favorite perfumes say about me: Chanel Chance; Dior J'adore L'or; and Britney Spears Might Night Fantasy.

I do feel like I should explain this one before we go any further. I am never one to wear celebrity perfumes, but this smells like real happiness. It' such a warm scent, perfect for winter, and it stays on all day!

This one is another of my favorites, its much lighter and very floral so a perfect spring/summer smell.

Now this one took some time to grow on me, its has an extremely strong smell and so at first gave me headaches. But its massively grown on me now and is one of my favourite perfumes. Its perfect for going out because it is so strong!

Whats your favorite perfume?

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