March Favorites

I don't know about you, but I think March seems to have gone insanely quick! I can not believe we will be in April in a couple of days and Easter will be along soon (I always think spring officially starts after Easter). Here are a few of my favorite finds/purchases/revelations of March, going into April.

Cocoa Butter- This is something I have been obsessed with for a while now, but this month it has come in super handy as I seem to be suffering from dry skin. This is by far the most deeply moisturizing product I have found, and it smells delicious (enough to eat)!
Camera- After all of these months of taking my blog pictures on my phone, I have finally bought a lead for my camera, so be expecting some much better quality pictures (yay for everyone). This camera is actually perfect for me as it is waterproof and shock proof. I have been known to drop a camera or two in water.
iPad Case- I treated myself to this little delight this month, it matches my purse perfectly and now I am not so scared to take my iPad out with me.
Hairspray- This may seem a bit of a strange one because it is such a basic item, but I use a lot of hairspray! This one is the only one I have ever found that actually smells nice and not like full on chemicals.
Nail Polish- This is just a Bourjois nail colour (Beige Glamour), it's a really simple, nude colour but you can still tell someone has still made an effort with their nails when wearing it, which is something I think is hard to find. I am also really into earthy, nude tones for nails at the moment.
Lipstick- As spring is officially here (after Easter) I thought it was time to start getting out the lighter lipsticks. I have been wearing this one more and more recently and it is definitely one of my favorites! It's a MAC Amplified, shade Chatterbox. It's so nice and moisturizing and the perfect colour for spring! Let me know if you would like swatches!

What are your favorites this month?


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  2. Great roundup!
    I've got that Bourjois nail polish as well. That shade is perfect for making leopard print nails :)
    Fashion Infatuation

    1. Thank you so much! Oh I might give that a try!


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