But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

I have jumped right on the bandwagon with a new selfie stick! I don't care how annoying they are, I think they are great, especially for holidays. Mikey bought me this for a holiday present when we go to Amsterdam in a few weeks. I can't wait to start using it, and it's ideal because it really does fold up so small! Bonus points for it being pink as well!

It's pretty self explanatory to set up, you just screw the black bit to the top of the stick. The only bit I found a little difficult was pairing the blue-tooth button with my phone. My phone didn't seem to take to it for a while but its fine now and working perfectly! It's also quite good because it is compatible with Andriod and iOS (sorry if you have another phone, but you really need to enter the 21st century). I hope you're all ready for some fabulous holiday pictures when I return!

Selfie Stick: Ebay

Until next time...

Monthly Favourites

I honestly can not believe how quickly these monthly favorites come round, the months are actually flying by and this year is going far too quickly! Here are a few products which have been my favorites this May.

A Pug's Etiquette: Any of you who know me will know that I absolutely love pugs. If I could have any dog it would definitely be a pug, they are just so cute and squishy and I love that they make little piggy snorting noises! This book was given to me a little while ago, however I recently re-discovered it, and I am so glad I did. It is full of funny little things that pugs do, with some cute little drawings too. I know this sounds totally geeky but adoncare (I don't care).
New Phone: Hallelujah, I have finally been able to upgrade to a better phone and for less money, which is fabulous!
Marc Jacobs, Daisy: So I have just started wearing this perfume and it is LUSH. So perfect for summer, it has a really floral smell to it and it lasts all day, so you will be smelling as fresh as a daisy, literally. If you like Chanel's Chance, I think you will definitely like this on, they are quite similar.
Summer Shoes: I have wanted a pair of white platform sandals for ages, and now that the weather is finally starting to get better I can actually start wearing these new ones! They go with almost anything, and I love the extra bit of height they give me. It makes me look a bit less like a child which is a bonus.
Brush On Perfecter: You may remember this from a previous post of mine, it is the Clarins Brush On Perfecter in shade 01. This has very quickly become one of my daily products and I actually don't know where I have been without it all this time! It is perfect for covering any dark circles and it gives a really nice dewy effect which brightens up your face a little.

What are your monthly favorites?

A Backless Number

This is a little number I bought absolutely ages ago but haven't worn in ages at it needed some TLC after having been ripped a wee bit. Now that I have fixed it I can just tell I won't be out of it for a while! It is perfect for this time of year in the strange British weather because it can be worn with or without tights which is wonderbaaaa! It is a perfect length too which I actually find very hard to find in play suits; they're usually so short I looks likes I'm wearing a top.

I really love the leather detail around the collar as it just makes it a little different and adds some detail to the play suit. But the thing I love most about this is the back, it's so cute and really makes the play suit different from everything else I have. I think it adds a really elegant touch. And all of this for just £15! Miss Selfridge sales have such good deals, I can never resist having a rummage when I'm in there. Unfortunately this one isn't on the website anymore, but I know they have some similar ones up at the moment so definitely take a look!

Play Suit: Miss Selfridge

I will definitely be taking this on holiday with me as it is perfect to wear in all weather and is so so comfy to wear!

Woman Crush Wednesday Style

I'm sorry, but who doesn't crush over Vanessa Hudgen's style? I am forever looking on Pinterest for summer fashion ideas, and every single time I am faced with more and more beautiful pictures of Vanessa and her latest outfit choices. She seriously does not get enough credit! And it isn't just her clothes, but her accessories too! I love her jewellery and hair pieces which really give her clothes another dimension. 

She is definitely my summer style crush, who is yours?

New Hur

Hello friends! This week has been full of change (hence me not blogging so much)! I have started a new internship, which I absolutely love, had my car fixed (finally) and had my hair done, so all is fabulous! I thought I would just do a little post about my hair change because it will be different in pictures now and I am so so pleased with it!

Getting my hair done is always something I have been a bit funny about, which is why I don't get it done very often. Letting someone near my hair with a pair of scissors and dye is quite a big deal for me, and if I'm honest, it scares the poop out of me! But I am so glad I had it done, it looks so much healthier this length and I am so so pleased with the colour! I haven't been wearing it down much recently just because I have found it such a pain being the length it was, but now I feel like I can do so much more with it. A massive thank you to Katie for doing it for me!

Hope you like! And if you're looking to get your hair done, definitely check Katie out if you're in the area!

A Pretty Little Dress

Isn't this the cutsiest dress ever? It has birds, bees, flowers and even a little contrast collar! It is such a shame I can't remember where I bought this but I thought I should share with with you all anyway. It is definitely one of my favorite summer pieces, and being stuck in stuffy work clothes every day makes me even more excited to wear it! It's a great fit and the material is so light a airy which is perfect for summer! I was a little worried about the colour when I first bought it as I am not a yellow kinda gal, but then it's nice to try something a little different right?

I will definitely have to get a bit more of a tan before I start wearing this (hiya white pins)! But I will absolutely be taking this on holiday with me, it's perfect for day trips and sightseeing because it is so comfy! I have matched it with my platform sandals as they are actually the only light sandals I have, however I would like to try and find some slightly more delicate ones as these are a tad too heavy. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
Until next time...

Home Wish List

Me and Mikey are always talking about getting our first house together once I graduate, and it is something that I have always looked forward to just because I can't wait to decorate a home the way I want. That's right, I will be in charge of decorating and it will be so pretty and girly! Anyway, this week I had to buy a few bits for my office space at home and it got me so excited to properly go home shopping, there are so many things I want and I could have spent an absolute fortune (but I am a poor student so only bought like, one thing). This is a little mood board of a few (and just  few) of the things I want/inspiration, as you can tell there will be a lot of grey and airy colours (my absolute fave)!

I think you can get a pretty good idea of how my whole house will look from this (well, what I hope it will look like anyway). All the products are linked below.

Cushion: Asda
Flower Fairy Lights: Matalan
Floor Lamp: John Lewis
French Bull Dog: The Range
Love Keys: Asda
Dance On The Table Memo Board: The Range
Date Memo: Debenhams
Arm Chair: Ikea
Draws: Matalan

What do you want your first house to look like?

Galaxy Ombre Nails

Having a week off from interning has freed me up a lot of time, so I thought I would have a little me time and experiment with my nails. I have always wanted to give ombre nails a go so looked up a couple of tutorials and found such an easy way to do it, and using these colours gives it quite a cool galaxy effect. I thought I would share it with all of you, because I'm nice like that.

Things You Will Need:
Lilac Nail Polish- I am using Barry M's Berry Ice Cream
Light Blue Nail Polish- I'm using Barry M's Cobalt Blue
Dark Blue Nail Varnish- This is one I bought on holiday from a random stall, but this is a similar one.
Top Coat
Nail Polish Remover
A Section of a Make Up Sponge
Cotton Buds

Start with clean nails and apply a base coat if you so wish (I didn't as I don't think it actually does any favours in keeping the nail polish on and the colour is so light I know it won't stain my nails). Then apply two coats of your chosen base colour, in this case the lilac.

Then get the section of your makeup sponge and fold it in half to create a kind of roll, holding this in place just paint generous strips of your chosen three colours onto the sponge. Make sure the colours overlap slightly as this makes them blend slightly better. Then place the sponge onto your finger nail and create a kind of dabbing motion to ensure your whole nail is covered. Repeat this on each finger.

As you can see, this creates a huge amount of mess, which for a neat freak like myself is hell to look at. But it can be fixed in no time! Take your cotton bud and dip it into your nail polish remover, then just go around the edges of your nails to tidy up any unwanted mess on your cuticles. 

Ta daaaah! Now I would just finish off by sealing it all in with a top coat, but this is only to your preference. The great thing about this easy trick is that the possibilities are endless, you can make as many colour combinations as you wish, and I would love to see some of your creations!

Tartan' Around

Hello again friends! I know it has been a while, but it's okay, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth just yet! During an incredibly stressful week of uni work/deciding what to do with my life next year/car troubles I did not have the time to blog last week (sad face). But I am back on it now so all is well (I hope).
I thought I would welcome you all back with a wee tartan dress I bought a while back. This has been one of my most worn pieces recently and I love it. It's so simple and easy to wear, plus, I love tartan! The print on this is just perfect because it isn't too in-your-face like some other tartan prints, so is perfect for casual or work wear! I will definitely be getting more wear out of this when I start my next internship!

Dress: New Look

Now the thing is, this is not actually a dress. It is a tunic top, however I turned it into a dress by buying a few sizes bigger than what I usually get just to add length (usually a size 8 I went for a 14) and I am so glad I did, because it only just fits as a dress and is still a little on the small side as you can see. Overall however, I am very pleased with it and and will definitely be getting more wear out of it!

Hope you likey!

Give Your Hair A Treat

If there ever was a product that makes your hair look like it's had a day at the spa, its this one! Neal's Yard products are always a favorite of mine (not my purse's though) and this product has been faithful to me for may years. For any of you out there with dry/damaged or curly hair that has a tenancy to being both of these things, this will be the answer to all of your woes! It does smell slightly funky, but it is so so good for your hair!

As you can see from the second picture, it comes in a hard kind of crystal form which when rubbed between your hands completely turns to liquid. You should apply this to your hair, dry, as much as you like, depending on your hair. I usually use quite a lot, however avoid applying it to my fringe and roots. You should then leave this for at least 30 minutes, I usually put it on before bed and leave it on all night (make sure you lay your head on a towel if you do this). Once you are ready to wash it out, just use your normal shampoo in the shower and then leave it to dry naturally. There is no need to use conditioner after washing it out, the hair mask will condition your hair for you!

Whats your favorite hair treatment?

Hair Treatment: Neal's Yard

Eyes Uncovered

Happy bank holiday everyone, I hope you have all enjoyed the extra weekend day, I know I have! This is just a quick little post about something I picked up at the supermarket earlier (yes I know tragic times buying makeup from a supermarket but it's not supermarket brand so its not that bad)! When I saw this palette I couldn't not buy it because I love love love neutral colours and I have been looking for a brown/cream palette for ages! It was also so so cheap, I will link it below.

I love the selection of colours, and while I know is it no Naked 2 palette, its pretty good value for money and great for every day makeup for those on a budget (which is definitely me). The texture of the eye shadow is very powdery so I would definitely recommend wearing an eye primer or cream underneath it. But overall I am quite pleased with it and I definitely think I will get a lot of wear out of it!

Palette: Collection 
This isn't a great picture but it's just to show you the different colours, I think I will definitely get the most wear out of 'Buttercream', 'Chocolate Milk' and 'Brown Sugar'.

Hi Frizz Head
What's you favorite eye shadow palette at the moment?

Clarins Instant Beauty Essentials

When my mum brought me the Clarins Instant Beauty Essentials kit back from her holiday I think it was safe to say I was a little over excited. I actually couldn't wait to try everything because I absolutely love Clarins makeup, and I was not disappointed! In the kit was 1 Instant Lip Perfecter in Apricot Shimmer (perfect perfect colour), an Instant Light Brush-On Perfecter in 01, and a Wonder Perfect Mascara in Wonder Black. These products alone make a perfect survival kit if you were ever going on a long journey or can't take much makeup with you.

Okay, so the things I love about this kit (there are so many): The Lip Perfecter is a really lovely natural colour and just makes your lips looks so nice and shiny (see below), and it is not sticky at all! I always have a bit of a fear when it comes to lip glosses because I find they are always so heavy and sticky, but this one is just perfect for day-to-day wear. The highlighter is also really nice and light. Unlike some other concealers and highlighters which I find are so heavy they actually create lines in my skin (not cool). And finally, the wonderful mascara, again not too heavy, and it really does add length to your lashes! The only thing I would say is that if you are looking for a mascara to thicken your lashes, this may not be for you.

I would definitely say this set is great for day-to-day wear as it is all so light and natural. I am very pleased with all three products and would definitely recommend them separately and as a set to anyone. Let me know what you think!

* This item was from duty free and I unfortunately can not find the set anywhere online

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