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Me and Mikey are always talking about getting our first house together once I graduate, and it is something that I have always looked forward to just because I can't wait to decorate a home the way I want. That's right, I will be in charge of decorating and it will be so pretty and girly! Anyway, this week I had to buy a few bits for my office space at home and it got me so excited to properly go home shopping, there are so many things I want and I could have spent an absolute fortune (but I am a poor student so only bought like, one thing). This is a little mood board of a few (and just  few) of the things I want/inspiration, as you can tell there will be a lot of grey and airy colours (my absolute fave)!

I think you can get a pretty good idea of how my whole house will look from this (well, what I hope it will look like anyway). All the products are linked below.

Cushion: Asda
Flower Fairy Lights: Matalan
Floor Lamp: John Lewis
French Bull Dog: The Range
Love Keys: Asda
Dance On The Table Memo Board: The Range
Date Memo: Debenhams
Arm Chair: Ikea
Draws: Matalan

What do you want your first house to look like?


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