A Pretty Little Dress

Isn't this the cutsiest dress ever? It has birds, bees, flowers and even a little contrast collar! It is such a shame I can't remember where I bought this but I thought I should share with with you all anyway. It is definitely one of my favorite summer pieces, and being stuck in stuffy work clothes every day makes me even more excited to wear it! It's a great fit and the material is so light a airy which is perfect for summer! I was a little worried about the colour when I first bought it as I am not a yellow kinda gal, but then it's nice to try something a little different right?

I will definitely have to get a bit more of a tan before I start wearing this (hiya white pins)! But I will absolutely be taking this on holiday with me, it's perfect for day trips and sightseeing because it is so comfy! I have matched it with my platform sandals as they are actually the only light sandals I have, however I would like to try and find some slightly more delicate ones as these are a tad too heavy. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
Until next time...


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