Tartan' Around

Hello again friends! I know it has been a while, but it's okay, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth just yet! During an incredibly stressful week of uni work/deciding what to do with my life next year/car troubles I did not have the time to blog last week (sad face). But I am back on it now so all is well (I hope).
I thought I would welcome you all back with a wee tartan dress I bought a while back. This has been one of my most worn pieces recently and I love it. It's so simple and easy to wear, plus, I love tartan! The print on this is just perfect because it isn't too in-your-face like some other tartan prints, so is perfect for casual or work wear! I will definitely be getting more wear out of this when I start my next internship!

Dress: New Look

Now the thing is, this is not actually a dress. It is a tunic top, however I turned it into a dress by buying a few sizes bigger than what I usually get just to add length (usually a size 8 I went for a 14) and I am so glad I did, because it only just fits as a dress and is still a little on the small side as you can see. Overall however, I am very pleased with it and and will definitely be getting more wear out of it!

Hope you likey!


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