KIKO Heaven

So this weekend I ventured out of the the quiet depths of Weymouth and went to Reading for a wee bit of retail therapy (my favorite)! On my travels I came across a store that I regret not finding before the ripe old age of 21. KIKO make up is every beauty blogger's dream. I am telling you. Low prices and beautiful products are what you get, its the broke girls pass to make-up and cosmetics heaven!

Unfortunately, I did not get to take full advantage of this, who knew that boyfriends didn't like browsing makeup shops for hours, ey? However, I did manage to get my hands on a fabulous nail polish called 'cup cake'.

As you can see, it does give the effect of the top of a cupcake with sprinkles on, which is just delightful! I only have one regret and that's that I didn't buy more from makeup paradise. But watch this space, for there will definitely be a haul on the cards soon dear readers! 


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