Born Lippy

Seeing as I am on a big of a lippy binge at the moment, I thought it would be good to do a little post on the best car for your lips. Especially as it is coming up to summer and caring for your skin and lips is crucial in the hot weather! I'm not one of 'those people' who buy the most expensive products or know all the tricks of the trade to getting better lips and skin, I just find products I like and buy them again. A product I have been absolutely loving at the moment is Body Shop's Born Lippy range. Not only does every single flavor smell simply delicious, but they are also so good for your lips (and they taste good too)!

They are so moisturizing and although it looks like they are coloured, they actually just come out clear and make your lips look glossy which is a plus! I also tend to use these over the top of some of my dryer lipsticks to make them stay on longer (that's a life hack right there). Also, they are not petroleum based which is great in the summer, because products like Vaseline actually fry your lips more in the sun, I actually can't stress enough how much you shouldn't wear Vaseline in the sun!

Trust me ladies, I have tried every lip product under the sun, and these are by far my go-to at the moment. They smell great, are so good for your lips, and they aren't particularly expensive either!
Let me know what you think!


  1. I haven't tried this before. I think I might give them a try. They look so nice. Love the colors.

    Jessica |


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