Dem Brows

Now that I seem to have found the three perfect eyebrow products (for me anyway) I thought I'd share my little routine with you and maybe enlighten you to some new products. Eyebrows seem to have become increasingly important to me, to the point that I can't go anywhere without them (literally, I have minimal hair on my brows), if I leave the house without drawing them on I look like a potato (not cool). So here we go...

So I have found that a combination of the three above products are ideal for me (as you can tell they are all very much loved products). I firstly use the lighter brown pencil (the one with the brush) and brush out my eye brows and then outline them in this, using it mainly on the parts of my brow that actually hair hair. The I fill in the rest with the darker pencil making sure it all blends in to be the same colour. I then usually neaten up the under part of my eyebrows with a touch up of foundation, and then use the medium brown colour in the palette (bottom left) with an angle brush and just make the outline a bit sharper. 

As you can see there is a small difference in colour between the two pencils (the lighter one being the one with the brush), this allowing me to colour the parts of my brown with no hair a little darker.

Light Pencil: Rimmel, £2.99 in Hazel 2
Dark Pencil:Collection, £2.79 in Brown 2
Palette: £3.99, High Brow Kit

All the products I have used are available in Superdrug and are all very cheap which is a massive bonus (see details above). And remember girls; Don't let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you sh*t about life.


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