Top Five Lipsticks

My lipstick collection seems to be growing more and more all the time (I am such a lipstick hoarder)! Any brand, any colour, any type, I will give it a try, which has lead to me building up a rather large collection, many of which I never actually wear. So here are my top five lip colours from my collection.

1. MAC- Media
This was my first ever MAC lipstick, and oh how they are right about your first love being the best. I wear this baby all the time and I love the dark purple/maroon colour it gives. It's also great to get more than one colour from; you can do a light layer and get a pinky purple or go slightly heavier for a deeper purple/almost black! The only problem I have with this is that it is a satin finish, and I find it can dry my lips out a little and I have to be careful the colour doesn't crack on my lips. But overall, a great lippy!

2. Clinique- 14 Curvy Candy
I love this lipstick (it's more of a lip colour actually). It is so moisturizing and light to wear and it gives a really subtle pink tone to your lips, so it's perfect for casual wear. It also lasts a really long time!

3. Dior- 769 Addict
Although I don't actually wear this very often, it is definitely one of my favorites. It gives such a bright and vibrant pink and is perfect for evening wear. It is also so moisturizing and it lasts forever as it literally never dries up!
Blurriest Picture Award Goes To...

4. MAC- Rebel
This is a lippy you will probably have seen in a few of my posts as I wear it so often. It is very similar to Media (1), however it is slightly lighter and much more purple. Even though this one is also a satin finish, it doesn't dry my lips as much, however I do have reapply it quite often, but it is still one of my faves for the colour.

5. YSL- 56
You may remember this one from a previous post of mine. I think every girl should have a red lipstick, it is definitely a necessity! And this one is my 'one'. It isn't the deepest of reds which I like because I feel like I can wear it with more, but it is really shiny and you can definitely tell the quality is good from the way it stays on for hours. It is so smooth and soft, I actually can't recommend it enough! I would definitely like to get a lip liner to go with it though, just to make it a little more vivid.

What are your favorite lipsticks?


  1. Gorgeous lipsticks! I especially love the Mac ones :) I'm addicted to Revlon Colourstay at the moment, it stays on for literally like half a day

    Rachel xx

    1. Oh I haven't tried that one, I may have to give it a go :)

  2. You have pretty lips, and all five of those lipsticks/ lip colours look lovely applied. I think the plum colour of the Mac Media lippy is my favourite of the five.

    1. Thank you! Yes that is definitely one of my favorites, its such a strong colour!


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