Yet Another Monochrome Outfit

Yes, I know my monochrome obsession is getting out of hand! But I was just so excited when this little outfit was delivered this morning I had to share it with you all! I went of a bit of  Topshop spree and these are a couple of the pieces I bought. I am so happy with both of them and I think they look great styled together and separately. This outfit is also perfect for the current between-season weather as it can be worn with or without tights- perfect!

I put this outfit together with my usual jewellery, as well as some earrings I bought from Charlotte Ann Jewellery. I love them and will definitely be purchasing some more from there soon as I think all the designs are gorgeous and it is all also extremely purse friendly!

Top: Topshop, £10.00
Shorts: Topshop, £20.00
Earrings: Charlotte Ann Jewellery, £2.50

The shorts are almost a perfect fit, they could do with being slightly smaller around the waist, but its nothing that I would change them over. I love how light and silky they are, it makes them so comfortable and perfect for spring/summer. The top is pretty much a perfect fit too! I have wanted a high necked top for ages and I think this one will be a great staple piece for spring (even though it is black). So, overall I am a very happy blogger, thanks to Topshop and Charlotte Ann!


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