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After having consumed a ludicrous amount of calories over the Easter weekend, I am feeling a bit body shameful and in need of some exercise and a detox! There's just one thing I find depressing about getting active and burning some calories and that is sports wear. I loath sportswear. Its boring, unflattering and depresses my deeply. However, the Missguided Active range has really caught my eye recently and given me hope that there might actually be a way to look good while you get active. Although some of the range is a little inappropriate and possibly not so sport friendly, there are a few items that would definitely motivate me into burning the calories I have most definitely put on over the weekend. Also, the collection is particularly purse friendly, something I always love about Missguided!


1. Active Racer Back Contrast Sports Bra Monochrome: £9.00
2. Active Slogan Gym Hoodie Drop Armhole Black: £18.00
3. Active Contrast Print Panel Gym Leggings Blue: £15.00
4. Active Double Layer Gym Shorts Mint: £14.00
5. Active Palm Print Trainers: £20.00
6. Active Contrast Stitch Gym T-Shirt Min: £12.00

As you all know, I am a bit of a monochrome freak, but I love how Missguided has injected flashed of colour into each item. This is my little selection of Things To Buy, and as you can see I have tried to stick with the mint/blue colour scheme to stay a bit neutral. 

What are your favorite active-wear brands?


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