All White Everythang

Hello friends, I am back! I do apologize, I never intended to neglect my blog for this long, but like has been so hectic lately with my last week of my internship coming up (I can't believe how quick it's gone) as well as my holiday!

I am loving all white outfits at the moment, they look great with a tan and are so on trend at the minute! So I dug out my favourite white outfit to play in the summer sun (no pun intended). I actually got this when I was on holiday in Gran Canaria last year, from one of those strange shop/stalls you get in hot countries. I had been looking for something, anything to wear for dinner that night and then, to my joy I came across this! I really love this playsuit, its quite different from anything I have seen before and its perfect for summer! It's made of a similar material to swim suits, which sounds a bit strange but its so comfortable!

But my favourite part about this is definitely the lace cutouts and back. It really gives it an edge and like I said, I haven't seen anything else like this before. It also fits like a dream so I will definitely be getting more wear out of it this summer! Unfortunately, as I got it on holiday I can't link it to a website, but let me know if you see anything similar, I'd love to know where I can get more!

Until next time!


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