Holiday Essentials

As most of you may know (because I haven't stopped going on about it) I am off on holiday to Amsterdam on Friday! Yay! In aid of this, I thought I would do a little holiday essentials guide, as I am sure many of you will also be off on your holibobs soon! This is just a short selection of things that I always make sure to take with me.

Passport- I know this is such an obvious one, because you really wont get far without it, but I thought I would include it because it's surprising how easy it is to forget something like this when you're trying to remember what makeup, clothes, shoes and various other bits to pack!
Shoulder Bag- I always try to take a small shoulder bag with me. I find that if I take my big bag I end up filling it with crap I don't need and end up lugging it around all day, or I get fed up of holding it. Something like this is perfect because you don't have to hold it, and its so small you can't fill it with unnecessary things. Perfect! 
Camera- I always take a camera to remember holiday moments! I usually end up using my phone, but there's nothing more annoying than 'Unable to take picture, memory full', so I always take my 
camera just in case.
Moisturizer-  Moisturizer is one of those things you forget how much you need until you don't have any! And when your skin has been in the sun/sea/pool all day, there is nothing like slathering on some moisturizer!
Selfie Stick- I am definitely going to be taking this on holiday with me, it's so good for taking group pictures and means I won't have to stop any random weirdos in the street to take a picture for me. Bonus!

What are your holiday essentials?


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