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Now that I have been blogging for a while and have finally sorted out my office space at home, I though I would share some pictures with you, so you all have a better idea of how and where I work. I have recently bought a few things as I went a bit decor crazy, but I am rather pleased with the way my office space is looking at the moment. It is much more organised than what it was and I find that I actually enjoy blogging a lot more now that I have a cute working space. I tried to go for the 'minimal/shabby chic look', but it is kind of ruined by small things like the hideous princess sticker on my light switch (not cool).

Organizer: The Range
Glass: Matalan

I recently bought the patterned glass and desk organizer which I will link below. I love the little message on the organizer, I think it is perfect to calm me down for when I will probably be tearing my hair out in my last year of uni (fun, fun, fun). And they were both such bargains (links above).
How does your work space look?

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