MAXImum Comfort

This is a piece I have been wanting to wear for ages, but the weather hasn't been quite right. Now, finally it has got warmer, hallelujah! I absolutely love wearing maxi skirts like this, they are so so comfy and easy to pull off with hardly any accessories. I bought this one last year (from Primark would you believe it) and didn't get much wear out of it. However, I know this summer I will definitely be wearing it more often. It is a little long for me so does drag slightly, but that's to be expected when you're struggling for 5ft 4'.

I teamed it with these ankle detail sandals, also from Primark and yes, that is a necklace I am wearing around my waist. I thought I definitely needed something around the waist to break up the colour a little and this long necklace seemed to do the trick so Bob's your uncle! I also think this would look great with some stacked jewellery and of course a better tan than what I seem to have! I would link these items but being from Primark they don't have a website (boo)!! Let me know what you think!


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