Head In The Clouds

So this is something I found lurking in my wardrobe from last summer and I had completely forgot how much I love it! It's a really simple play suit from Boohoo and is absolutely perfect for summer! I really love the fit, it is so comfy and easy to wear, you can literally just pull it on and you're done! No fannying around with zips and ties!

Hi white legs
I am also a massive fan of the print, its s sort of cloud effect print that reminds me of summer sunsets when the clouds go all different colours, which is just wonderful. I have paired this with some really simple platform sandals and my favorite moon necklace which ties in with the sky theme. I will definitely be getting a lot more wear out of this this summer! Unfortunately, this play suit isn't available anymore, however I know Boohoo does have some great ones still on there.

Play Suit: Boohoo
Shoes: New Look


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